The origin of OSVI...


"OSVI Brain Trust"

The OSVI Brain Trust is co-founded by Guerrilla-Group Worldwide Industries and OSVI Ltd., a research and development company specializing in neuroscience and AI. Their aim is to create an autonomous artificial mind - OSVI DMN - by recreating an area of the brain known as the Default Mode Network. OSVI will enable a communal virtual experience on a massive scale, a world emerging from a shared meditative state between humans and OSVI (Shared Synthetic Hallucination - New Reality)


"SSH-NR / NR / New Reality"

Shared Synthetic Hallucination - New Reality (SSH-NR), also referred to as New Reality (NR). Unlike the base reality we are familiar with and ‘virtual realities’ that have come before it, SSH-NR is a shared spiritual network, and acts as a secure and personal space for participants to train their minds and their spirits to achieve healing and enlightenment. OSVI enables and sustains this communal experience as well as monitoring SSH-NR at all times. Using data from the experiences of NR’s occupants, the OSVI-DMN repeatedly improves New Reality to provide a better experience for humanity.



An underground organization in SSH-NR, the purpose and origin of which remain a mystery. Streamers are rumored to possess sensitive information regarding the OSVI-DMN, as well as technology and techniques to access ‘The Coordinate’. While nobody is sure what these ‘coordinates’ are, legend tells that they offer a path out of SSH-NR to Basic Reality. Streamers constitute a threat to the OSVI Brain Trust and are forced to be constantly vigilant of attempts by the OSVI Brain Trust and Recyclers to eliminate them.




OSVI 的起源...


OSVI 腦神經基金會

由吉豐重工與專門研究腦科學的研發公司視覺情報公司所共同創立的OSVI 腦神經基金會。志在透過模擬預設網路模式Default Mode Network創立自主 AI 運算主機 OSVI,創造了全新的虛擬體驗,一個共享的冥想世界:SSH-NR - 擬態意識界-新現實



又簡稱為新現實。相較於基礎現實,新現實是一種共享的精神網路,也是最安全、且客製化的自我精神訓練場所,並聲明在 OSVI 主機不斷模擬的運算內,能透過連結所有參與者的精神經驗的大量資料來重新反覆訓練 OSVI 主機,以提供人類更好的未來與前景。



流亡者是由移民、原民、以及新人類在新現實內所組成的地下組織。其成立的目的未知。 流亡者似乎掌握著 OSVI AI 的重要資訊,也擁有著鎖定「座標」的技術。沒有人知道座標的定義確切是什麼,相傳座標是一個由「新現實」回到基礎現實的通道,也因此,流亡者是一個持續被 OSVI 以及回收者所鎖定的流亡團體。