“The barrier between the real and the simulated exists only as long as the difference between the two can be distinguished. What emerges from the fading of that boundary?”

Much of humanity has migrated to ‘New Reality’, a simulated state of existence constructed by the artificial super-intelligence, OSVI. This new world is populated by three major forms of life: the conscious minds of humans projected into New Reality from Base Reality; artificial, sentient beings created by OSVI and existing only within New Reality; the first generation, borne into New Reality but not directly created by OSVI, a generation of individuals facing a profound crisis of identity.

OSVI’s intentions are opaque. It creates and destroys with equal detachment. However, the catastrophic actions of "Recyclers", synthetic consciousnesses created by OSVI, have begun to give some insight into the methods of this world’s creator. Experiments are finalized and failures rectified through the Recyclers’ casual destruction and transformation of New Reality’s landscape, with no consideration for what may lay in their path. The phenomena are known to the denizens of New Reality as "Natural Disasters".



「新現實」,人們是如此稱呼它的。這是由超級人工意識 OSVI 所建構的實驗模擬世界,存在「新現實」的社會系統中的三種群體分別為:最早通過「基礎現實」傳送進來的人類意識「移民」、OSVI 模擬自主創造並擁有自我意識的「原民」,以及在「新現實」內非 OSVI 創造,透過繁衍自然誕生,卻無法定義自我身分的第一代「新人類」。

我們並不知道 OSVI 建構「新現實」的實驗目的為何。但根據現有資料顯示, OSVI 在檢驗實驗成果後,會透過直屬數據部隊「回收者」將「新現實」內的數據資料刪除與重建。這個過程,有時會伴隨著巨大的地貌與建設的破壞、以及人群的遷徙或失蹤。對於這個現象,「新現實」的人們將之稱為「自然災害」。