Experience the thrilling fusion of multimedia and daily-life essentials with SIG (Standard Issue Guerrilla). The brand's latest release is a short film that unveils the revolutionary SIG-FC01 single-serve coffee pouches, produced in partnership with Taiwan's St.1 Cafe'.


Inspired by neo-noir police dramas such as Infernal Affairs and Pulp Fiction, the film stars Taiwan rappers Sowut and HowZ in an electrifying police chase to uncover a drug trafficking operation - only to discover that the drugs are, in fact, the exquisite SIG-FC01 coffee pouches. With a unique blend of dried apricot and chocolate notes, the SIG-FC01 coffee pouches are the ultimate indulgence for coffee lovers seeking a bold and exhilarating experience.


  • PRODUCT : 
    SIG-FC01 (SIG Blend Single Serve Coffee Bag)
  • PARTNERSHIP : ST.1 Coffee
SIG (Standard Issue Guerrilla) - CHAPTER 02 - Abandoned Children