For the latest (A)RISE collection, we've embodied our Far-East roots and teamed up with 900 Sculptor Studio to shed new light on the enigmatic depths of Eastern culture producing a limited edition figure sculpture.


900 Sculptor Studio fuses mythical and spiritual figures from traditional Chinese mythology with a contemporary twist. Guan Yu, one of the most well-known historical military generals to represent the traditional fighting spirit of 「武」(Wu) was chosen for this collaboration.


The figurine bears a peking opera mask face, infused with the brands industrial sci-fi roots, we hope to produce a juxtaposition signifying the clash of the past and future within Eastern culture. A free-form sculpture modeled entirely out of hand with a flowing silhouette alluding to traditional splash ink painting.


Note : Due to the hand painting process the color will be slightly different for each product.


  • PARTNERSHIP: 900 Sculpture Studio


  • Cover
  • Wooden Box
  • (A)RISE Statue