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28 Feb


Posted by GFIRMG in Announcement, EYES & SINS, Films


The seminal creation under the genre of science-fiction in 1984 by William Gibson is an unrelieved source of inspiration as it presented the literary and substantial world with a new term “cyberspace” and an anti-utopian idea of the ascendency of a global information network called the Matrix over the human race, gradually apparent through the decades. Gibson’s envision towards the evolution of technology predicts the dominance of a dysfunctional society by the Matrix over humans as our essence of humanity slips away along with our identities both physical and mental.

Few years back in 2013, National Security Agency of the United States and their operative programs PRISM (code: US-984XN) and Stellar Wind subsequently came into major disclosure to the public, revealing the classified attacks into personal lives of each individual through a large database of communications. Such incidents fall into place with Gibson’s pessimistic predictions and highlights the imminent corruption in new technology.

30 years from today’s time, it is plausible for humans to artificially create a digitized era of the positive and non-positive represented by digital bits 1 and 0 and communicated in the realm of cyberspace. Consequent of digitalization is the growing transparency of personal information, leading to a deprivation of privacy and secrecy and unconsciously succumbed into the abyss of the conceptual world, the Matrix.

Once society willingly allows technology to take over, the direct effect on human nature and social interaction is the disappearance of the key elements of nature from human experience. If this disposition is likely to proceed, one may expect a transition from a substantial modern society into complete dysfunction, an era where secrecy reaches its end.