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05 Nov

[Announcement] MSG from the Creative Director

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Via The Fashion Law:

Public School Under Fire for Allegedly Stealing Image

It has come to my attention that there is need to address our current situation to the public audience. Most recent years, I have had my work ripped off by smaller companies and I took it with a smile, but when a bigger company comes along and rips my work I can no longer remain silent. I am aware my coming off as a mysterious entity online, but I will let go of that for a minute. This company has been built from ground zero, taking upon overwhelming duties of handling the entire art direction, graphical content, website development, photography, printing, pattern making, etc., basically exerting every single skill I have learned along the way as an artist. Not a single penny on outsourcing to some designer to ensure our core ideologies could be expressed to its full potential. Nonetheless, this would not have turn into reality without my best friend and business partner, Howl. He’s one of the most diligent workers I have encountered and has been working equivalent to a five man job. 

Neither of us came from money nor any sort of affluence, which is why we humbly acknowledge that we are much fortunate than others in having the time necessary to operate our projects without restrictions unlike the ones many struggling artists face. This has well taught us to utilize our time carefully and efficiently. My family who have immigrated to the United States during their adolescents due to the war conflicts in the late 60s have sacrificed and endeavored for my generation to live a modest life. Like my family, I have adopted the concept of achieving through hard work of blood and sweat towards a dream I believe could help and inspire the rest and hopefully prompt the initiative of shaping the present and future into something much more.

To those who have emailed me in the past giving me words of encouragement, support or even emails regarding my work that inspired them, Thank you. Your words made me feel something I cannot return through words, something close to inner peace that I hold onto dearly. It is without doubt a great source of motivation for my work and so my regards goes to every single one of you out there. My cliché but honest advice to those who are reading this or can relate to my story is to stay true to yourselves, never give up on your goals or dreams, stop being lazy and refuse to fall into the footsteps of media controlled puppets in the spotlight of today. I am putting this situation behind me once and for all and to advise other bigger companies that they are not for one bit protected under the halo of their accumulated success when it comes to something as disreputable as to use the unauthorized  work from another artist. Lastly, I kindly ask to give thought to the ethics of art and to respect the works I have come by in any file format possible and not copy it pixel by pixel. Much thanks for your understanding and time reading this post. 

Founder/Creative Director