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27 Oct

[EYES & SINS] - F/W 2014 : PROTOTYPE-ZERO / 零式

Posted by GFIRMG in Announcement, Editorial, EYES & SINS


PROTOTYPE-ZERO / 零式 launches as the first division from EYES & SIN’s production line, operating as an initial prototype. Specifically notable in this collection is the primary process of materializating our conceptual designs and utilization of military clothing as a basis for deconstruction. This includes distinct elements such as military buckles/fasteners as well as multifunctional compartments that are considerably incorporated in the items. With the application of ergonomics, mobility can also be ensured while maintaining each piece’s functionality. Each item is experimented for correspondence in order to allow interchangeability and creative layering by its users. By addressing the adaptability of military maneuvers necessitated in different environments, our militaristic array of garments imitates the creation of “original prototypes” and its process. Prototype-Zero emerged just yet an initialization activated by deconstruction and should continue to progress and substantially formalize our concepts into reality.

Product Design : Beefthang / Howl
Photos : No.where.ashes
Model : Beefthang